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Photo credit: sakkmesterke/Getty Images

New state of matter discovered

Breakthrough offers promise for enhanced storage and computation capabilities.
A team of scientists has discovered the first robust example of a new type of magnet—one that holds promise for enhancing the performance of data storage technologies. Photo credit: alphaspirit/Getty Images

Scientists discover new type of magnet

A team of scientists at New York University has developed a new type of magnet -singlet-based magnet- that holds promise for enhancing the performance of...
Doing science rather than being scientists more encouraging to girls

Doing science rather than being scientists more encouraging to girls

Doing science shows greater persistence in science activities than asking them to be a scientist, especially in girls. This leads to more science engagement than...
What exactly happens when you blow on a soap film to make a bubble? Behind this simple question about a favorite childhood activity is some real science, researchers at the Courant Institute have found.

The science behind blowing bubbles

Bubble Activities are just the best, aren’t they? They’re simple, inexpensive, and they never fail to fascinate and entertain. But there is a real science...
A team of chemists has developed an MRI-based technique that can quickly diagnose what ails certain types of batteries—from determining how much charge remains to detecting internal defects—without opening them up. Above is an illustration of measurement setup showing the cell and the holder with the detection medium (water in this case), and (d) showing both inserted within the magnet bore of an NMR magnet. Image courtesy of Andrew Ilott and Alexej Jerschow.

New MRI-based technique to detect what ails batteries

The utilization of elective vitality and electrically fueled vehicles will additionally build the interest for better and more secure batteries. Although, there are as of...