Multiple sclerosis

New study reveals brain’s relationship with environment

Direct links found between Dura and Brain.

New MRI procedure to visualize multiple sclerosis

The loss of myelin sheaths in the brain is a hallmark of multiple sclerosis.

Higher dementia risk linked to irregular sleep patterns

Sleep regularity index linked to dementia and brain volume changes.

A novel molecular link between vitamin B12 and Multiple sclerosis

Findings identify molecular signaling pathway that could enhance current MS treatments.

Unexpected ties: Sleep, brain insulation, and neurodegeneration

BMAL1 loss in oligodendroglia impacts myelination and sleep.

Exercise: A natural remedy for MS fatigue

Physical activity may help reduce fatigue in patients with relapsing-remitting MS.

Scientists identified new genes linked to multiple sclerosis

Our findings shed new light on the pathogenesis of MS.

Epstein-Barr virus may be the cause of Multiple sclerosis

The first study to provide ‘compelling evidence of causality.

Low levels of a sugar metabolite associated with progressive disability and neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis

GlcNAc is reduced in the serum of progressive MS patients and those with worse clinical disability and neurodegeneration.

Vaccinations not a risk factor for multiple sclerosis

Big-data analysis shows no correlation between vaccinations and MS.

Synthetic speech: Virtual voicebox converts brain signals to speech using AI

People with neurological conditions who lose the ability to communicate, typically due to brain damage, stroke or any other medical conditions now have a...

Neuroscientists reverse some behavioral symptoms of Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 1 in 10,000 babies born in the United States, produces a range of symptoms including...

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