Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

All high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born by quasars, claimed scientists

Some neutrinos are born in the earth's atmosphere and even in the Ice Cube detector during the interaction of cosmic rays with matter.

The origin of high-energy neutrinos detected

Neutrinos are strange particles so tiny that scientists don't have the foggiest idea about their mass. They pass easily through objects, people, and even...

A neural network that learned to predict the behavior of a quantum system

Artificial intelligence 'sees' quantum advantages.

Graphene melting is in fact sublimation, study

Sublimation, not melting!

A new way to measure the black hole’s mass

A new method to weigh the central engines of active galaxies.

Scientists dissolve crude oil in water to study its composition

The structures of individual molecules in crude oil remain unknown in spite of the considerable amount of research dedicated to this topic. The extreme...

Physicists used a quantum computer to turn back time

Scientists at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in collaboration with scientists from the U.S. and Switzerland have returned the state of a...

Scientists discovered new properties of uranium compounds including superconductivity

A team of scientists at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) recently have confirmed the existence of strange new uranium compounds, and they...

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