Evidence of potential salt glaciers on planet Mercury

Unveiling mercury’s geological mysteries.

How the solar wind interacts with Mercury’s surface?

New insight into how interactions with the Sun alters the surface and produces Mercury’s very thin atmosphere.

Measuring and mapping the abundance of chromium across Mercury’s surface

This is the first time that chromium has been directly detected and mapped across any planetary surface.

Two rare super-mercuries discovered around the same star

The last type of exoplanet is still very rare.

Solar wind is a significant driver of atmospheric sodium at Mercury

No object in the solar system experiences the Sun’s solar wind more powerfully than Mercury.

Toxic Mercury may be deposited in forests in much greater quantities

Three-quarters of the deposition came from mercury in its gaseous form.

Mystery solved: Why Mercury has a big iron core?

Proximity to the sun’s magnetic field influenced Mercury’s hefty iron core.

Take a look at Mercury Transit 2019

For the last time in this decade, Mercury has passed in front of the Sun in what's known as Mercury Transit. The images are mindblowing.

Evidence on Mercury’s inner core is indeed solid

In order to explore the interior of a planet, planetary scientists usually observe the planet spins and then measure how their probe orbits it....

Mercury, not Venus, is the closest planet to Earth

Which planet is closest to the Earth? The answer is not Venus. Until now, we have read in our science books, or even if searching...

Another Mercury, but great as the Earth

Scientists have discovered a planet very similar in size to Earth at a distance of 340 light years. According to them, it could clarify the peculiarities...

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