Machine learning

Climate change and its impact on North American animal species

North American cities may see a significant species turnover by the end of the century.

EPFL robot notably learned to transition from trotting to pronking

Trotting robots reveal emergence of animal gait transitions.

Plants do scream when stressed

Listen to the audio recording of plant sounds.

Machine learning enhances vertical-axis wind turbine performance

They used a genetic learning algorithm to determine the best pitch for a VAWT blade.

A new method calculates the mechanical properties of solids using machine learning

The new method also benefits from active learning on local atomic environments.

Enabling AI models to see the world more like humans do

Researchers enhance peripheral vision in AI models.

Several air contaminants are linked to children’s asthma symptoms

It’s not just one pollutant that can be linked to asthma outcomes.

Adaptive smart gloves can teach users new skills

The glove can help train surgeons and pilots.

New machine-learning technique promises 40% speed boost in real-world datasets

It predicts the future to optimize how information gets stored.

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