MIT scientists developed a detector for continuously monitoring toxic gases

The material could be made as a thin coating to analyze air quality in industrial or home settings over time.

A new computational model guides the development of new MOFs materials

Using neural networks to find the properties of MOFs, for catalysis and other applications.

Using machine learning to organize the chemical diversity

Machine-learning helps sort out massive materials' databases.

A new spin on metal-organic frameworks

An energy transfer process that mimics photosynthesis could help to extract more power from sunlight.

This new material can efficiently capture carbon dioxide from wet flue gasses

New material design tops carbon-capture from wet flue gases.

A new sponge-like 2D material with interesting electrical conductivity and magnetic properties

Scientists have reported the synthesis of a novel sponge-like 2D material with interesting electrical conductivity and magnetic properties.

Study opens a new route to achieving mechanical metamaterials

Mechanical metamaterials exhibit unusual properties, such as negative Poisson’s ratio, which are difficult to achieve in conventional materials. Rational design of mechanical metamaterials at...

Bringing MOFs into the industrial light

In a collaboration of International group, scientists at Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, have made a major breakthrough that could change the ways gases, liquids...

‘Nano-Kebab’ Fabric Material Breaks Down Chemical Warfare Agents

Scientists from the North Carolina State University have created a new fabric material. It consists nanoscale fibers that are capable of degrading chemical warfare...

Self-shading windows can switch from transparent to blur

MIT scientists have developed a new method making windows that can switch from transparent to dark. They have developed a Self-shading windows. This new system process...

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