Adaptive smart gloves can teach users new skills

The glove can help train surgeons and pilots.

MIT’s new technique could accurately simulate complex systems

The new tool leads to improved algorithms that can boost the performance of applications.

A modular system helps produce efficient, scalable underwater robots

The system's simple repeating elements can assemble into swimming forms ranging from eel-like to wing-shaped.

How do 2D materials expand when heated?

A new technique that accurately measures how atom-thin materials expand when heated.

The most detailed maps of the asteroid Psyche’s surface properties to date

The varied surface suggests a dynamic history.

A new multiplanet system discovered within our galactic neighborhood

Just 33 light-years from Earth, the system appears to host two rocky, Earth-sized planets.

A new hardware vulnerability found in the Apple M1 chip

It shows that pointer authentication can be defeated without even leaving a trace.

Molecules found in mucus can stop fungal infection

Harnessing the strength of these specialized sugar molecules could help develop new antifungal drugs.

How the universe got its magnetic field?

MIT scientists are helping to solve one of the mysteries of the origins of cosmological magnetic fields.

A secret of stronger metals unveiled

Study shows what happens when crystalline grains in metals reform at nanometer scales.

A rare black widow binary discovered

It has the shortest orbit yet identified.

A new way to model how waves break

Engineers use artificial intelligence to capture the complexity of breaking waves.

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