Monday, June 5, 2023

Lancaster University

Scientists created the first ”time-crystal” two-body system

Time crystals are “impossible” but obey quantum physics.

Precise measurement of a fundamental principle of the standard model of particle physics

Scientists discovered support for the disputed universal truth of particle physics.

Why objects moving through superfluid lack a speed limit?

The discovery may guide applications in quantum technology, even quantum computing.

A step towards producing heat-tolerant wheat

Plants have Rubisco activase (Rca) that tells the plant's energy-producing compound (Rubisco) to kick on in sunlight and signals it to stop when the...

The coolest LEGO® in the Universe

Scientists found a new use for the popular toy.

A nano-electronic circuit that vibrates itself

A simple nano-device can generate motion directly from an electrical current.

New material could unlock potential for hydrogen powered vehicles

As the world looks towards a continuous move far from fossil fuel powered cars and trucks, greener alternative advances are being investigated, for example,...

Listening to music ‘significantly impairs’ creativity

Background music is an environmental stimulus known to influence cognitive performance, which has also been claimed to enhance people's creativity for tasks involving spatial...

Wood type has little effect on guitars’ sound, study

When it comes to acoustic guitars, however, the wood configuration arguably plays a more crucial role. The wood choices for the body, neck and...

How missing appointments increases the risk of death

A surprising study just revealed that if you are missing your GP appointments of doctors, you are associated with early death. People with mental...

Why we fail to understand our smartphone use

According to a new study by the Lancaster University and the University of Lincoln, checking your phone dozens of times a day indicates unconscious...

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