Astronomers identified unknown class water-rich asteroids

Small planets originate from the edge of our solar system.

New Aurorae detected on Jupiter’s four largest moons

The team detected aurorae at visible wavelengths.

12 new moons discovered orbiting Jupiter

The discovery of a dozen new moons for Jupiter makes the king of planets the king of moons, too.

Scientists found evidence of magnetic reconnection between Ganymede and Jupiter

This gives us a very early tantalizing taste of the information we expect to learn from ESA’s JUICE mission.

40-year research reveals puzzling patterns in Jupiter’s temperature

Based partly on data from generations of NASA missions, the work could help predict weather on Jupiter.

Juno captured Ganymede’s shadow on the planet

Jupiter in Ganymede’s Shadow.

30039 near-Earth asteroids discovered in the solar system

The majority of these were discovered in the last decade.

Shallow lakes in Europa’s Icy Crust could erupt

Any plumes or volcanic activity at the Jovian moon’s surface are caused by shallow lakes in its icy crust.

Sharpest Earth-based images of Europa and Ganymede reveal their icy landscape

The cocktail of chemicals that make up the frozen surfaces on two of Jupiter's largest moons are revealed.

Jupiter to make the closest approach to Earth in 59 years today

Stargazers can expect excellent views of Jupiter the entire night of Monday.

NASA’s Juno mission reveals the complex colors and structure of Jupiter’s clouds

NASA’s Juno spacecraft reveals Jupiter's complex colors.

Take a look at Jupiter’s dazzling auroras captured by Webb

Webb’s Jupiter observations will give scientists even more clues to Jupiter’s inner life.

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