Internet of Things

A novel type of battery gathers and stores electricity in remote settings

It harness changes in ambient temperature to self-charge,

Energy-efficient wireless information and power transfer system for IIoT

This technology is expected to pave the way for more efficient and optimized IoT environments.

Lights could be the future of the Internet and data transmission

Fast data transmissions could be delivered in homes and offices through light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

A new wake-up receiver could help preserve the battery life of tiny sensors

Scientists demonstrate a low-power “wake-up” receiver one-tenth the size of other devices.

Solar cells for IoT devices with AI-powered energy management

Environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

Creating smart sensors from advanced semiconductors could mean cheaper, greener IoTs

It would allow us to make more informed decisions as we go about our daily lives.

A fully woven, smart display

A 46-inch woven display with smart sensors, energy harvesting, and storage integrated directly into the fabric.

Industrial sensors that run around the clock

Everactive provides an industrial “internet of things” platform built on its battery-free sensors.

A tiny microsupercapacitor (MSC) ideal for wearable devices

UNIST scientists have developed a tiny microsupercapacitor (MSC) that can be directly integrated with an electronic chip. As small as the width of a...

New Wi-Fi chip for the IoT devices consumes 5,000 times less energy

Replacing the batteries in a security camera once a month or remembering to charge a smart speaker is not such a difficult task, but...

MIT’s inexpensive ‘smart surface’ could amplify Wi-Fi signal by ten times

A cheap and easy way to improve a Wi-Fi or 5G signal.

New Graphene-based supercapacitor will provide energy in defense applications

Efforts are being made to look for economical and more effective options for storing electrical energy. Indian researchers are now developing an cost effective...

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