Sunday, May 28, 2023


Scientists report record-high magnetoresistance in graphene

Wonder material graphene claims yet another superlative.

Scientists overcome the scaling challenges of quantum optomechanical systems

Optomechanics simulates graphene lattices.

Advancing atomic-scale manufacturing

Graphene appeared impervious to the electron beam.

Study found evidence of waveguiding in a unique quantum material

Physicists see light waves moving through a metal.

Developing the next-generation semiconductor LC2

It is the world’s first synthesis technology that can make a single crystal hBN thin film at a preferred thickness.

Activated carbon could also eliminate the smell of urine from diapers

Activated carbon is used in the kitchen hood to remove food.

A “family” of robust, superconducting graphene structures found

The findings could inform the design of practical superconducting devices.

Electron whirlpools seen for the first time

Long predicted but never observed.

Scientists successfully created next-generation wonder material for 1st time

Long-hypothesized ‘next-generation wonder material’ created for the first time.

Creating quantum materials in an easy way

This work could potentially create quantum devices such as orbital magnets and superconductors in the future.

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