Columbia University

Giant groundwater system discovered in sediments below Antarctic ice

Previously unmapped reservoirs could speed glaciers, and release carbon.

Evidence for a second supermoon beyond our solar system

Hinting at the possibility of more exomoon discoveries to come.

Newly developed nasal spray blocks the spread of COVID-19 among ferrets

It can potentially generate therapeutic treatments as well.

First nanomaterial that demonstrates Photon avalanching

This is the first time that avalanching behavior seen in nanomaterials.

Breathtaking! We can extract energy from black holes

But how possible is it?

A multicolor atlas of the brain

Identifying every single neuron in the mind of a worm.

A rare form of magnetism can arise in Graphene

Stacking and twisting Graphene unlocks a rare form of magnetism.

How black holes and neutron stars shine bright?

It is the interplay of turbulence and reconnection of super-strong magnetic fields.

Mystery solved: How tides can trigger earthquakes?

Since the end of the last century, many investigations have been carried out concerning the question if stresses due to the tidal forcing of...

Two neutron stars collided near the solar system billions of years ago

A growing body of evidence indicates that binary neutron-star mergers are the primary origin of heavy elements produced exclusively through rapid neutron capture. As...

Converting infrared light into visible light

A team of scientists from Columbia University along with Harvard University has come up with a novel method that can convert visible light into infrared...

Revolutionary ultra-thin meta-lens enables full-color imaging

Light of various colors goes at various speeds in various materials and structures. This is the reason we see white light split into its...

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