Chinese Academy of Sciences

China has released a new comprehensive geologic map of the Moon

The world's most detailed to date.

Volcanic activity beneath Mars’ surface rock Red Planet

Magma in the Martian mantle is still active and is responsible for the volcanic marsquakes.

Scientists examined the validity of the theory of relativity

Einstein's relativity theory passes strict tests based on LHAASO observation.

Iron mineralogy controls generation ratios of Chlorate and Perchlorate on Mars

ClO4-/ClO3- generation ratios in different surficial environments relevant to Mars.

Earth’s inner core is not a normal solid, study

Earth's Inner Core: A mixture of solid Fe and liquid-like light elements.

Scientists revealed the source of enriched mid-ocean ridge basalts

Recycled oceanic lithosphere generates upper mantle heterogeneity.

Plasma lensing discovered in black widow pulsar

Black widow pulsar systems are usually characterized by ablating the companion by pulsar emissions. They got their name from the "black widow" spiders. These...

Something is keeping cosmic rays out of the Milky Way’s center

A 'barrier' separating the cosmic ray sea from the galactic center.

A wobbly and flared Milky Way disk revealed

The study updates our understanding of the disk.

Scientists realize noiseless photon-echo protocol

The research has achieved solid quantum memory with high fidelity.

Scientists raised and realized noiseless photon echo (NLPE) protocol

It achieved solid quantum memory with high fidelity.

The mystery of Jupiter’s X-ray auroras finally solved

A decades-old mystery as to how Jupiter produces a spectacular burst of X-rays every few minutes.

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