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The grass is greener when it becomes a straw

Biodegradable straws made from wild grass is a new zero-waste option

The plastic crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing planet Earth. One of such a plastic item is plastic straws that must be...
Lotus rhizome starch composite biodegradable films (Sakshi et al. 2018)

Biodegradable film developed from whey, isabgol and lotus stem starch

Indian researchers have developed a biodegradable film using lotus stem starch, whey protein concentrate, and psyllium husk that has high structural integrity and low...
High speed frames of a water drop falling on the new eco-friendly water repellent material.

Researchers developed Lotus-inspired biodegradable water repellent material

A water-repelling, biodegradable material inspired by lotus leaves has been developed by a joint team of researchers from India, Switzerland, and Italy. Super-hydrophobic or water...
Startup shows how crop residue can generate useful products

Startup shows how crop residue can generate useful products

Crop residue burning has begun in the Northern states, posing a threat to air quality in the region. While several measures are being tried...