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New insights into the reproductive biology of Tsetse flies

A detailed look inside Tsetse flies.

Scientists uncovered novel genomes from Earth’s microbiomes

Genome resource expands known diversity of bacteria and archaea by 44%.

A comprehensive catalog of the molecular elements that regulate our genes

Interpreting the Human Genome’s Instruction Manual.

New insight into bacterial DNA packing

Gene begins quick adaptation once bacteria are put in different environments, such as one that is more acidic or anaerobic. This happens because the...

Climate change is altering forest structure, making forests less of a carbon sink

There are general observations of increasing tree mortality due to changing climate and land use, as well as observations of growth stimulation of younger...

The science behind the love for coffee

The intake of coffee is affected by a positive feedback loop between genetics and the environment. This phenomenon, known as "quantile-specific heritability," is likewise...

Artificial proteins that bind to heavy metals

These artificial proteins have a firm grasp on metal.