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Infants exposed to Anesthesia during C-section raise Autism risk

Cesarean section (CS) has been reliably connected with susceptibility to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), in any case, the hidden mechanism for this affiliation remains...
New advice for type 2 Diabetics: Drink wine

New advice for type 2 Diabetics: Drink wine

Until now, various studies have shown the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. Also, there are some contradictory studies that caution users just because wine was...
Ben-Gurion University’s SMART (synthetic marginal aperture with revolving telescopes) nanosatellite

New nanosatellite system produces high-res images at low cost

Scientists at the Ben-Gurion University have come up with a new satellite imaging system that can effectively capture images that match the resolution of...
blood cells, cells interaction

New method identifies how drugs attack bad cells

A team of scientists at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has demonstrated a new method to target specific proteins, protein family and especially protein-to-protein...
BGU method outperforms top antivirus engines

A new method to detect malicious E-mails

Current email arrangements utilize administer based strategies and analyze other elements of the message. Existing antivirus engines primarily use signature-based detection methods and therefore are...