Saturday, April 1, 2023

Argonne National Laboratory

Study sheds light on the nature of atomic nuclei

Nuclear popcorn: Heavy nucleus changes shapes at different energies.

A significant milestone in making quantum computing more effective achieved

Argonne scientists use quantum computers to simulate quantum materials.

A novel approach to control interactions between microwave photons and magnons

A scientific control that is a first of its kind.

Scientists constructed a nuclear physics model of neutrino-nuclei interactions

Understanding ghost particle interactions.

Machine-learning enables capturing 3-D microstructures in real-time

Scientists at the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM), a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility located at the DOE's Argonne...

First stable semiconductor neutron detector

It can fit in your pocket.

Scientists determined the geometry of two isotopes of boron

By combining experimental work and hypothetical estimations, scientists have successfully determined the nuclear geometry of two isotopes of boron. They have determined the difference...

Discovery adapts natural membrane to make hydrogen fuel from water

Scientists drove a chemical reaction to plant biology and created a backbone of a convert new process that converts water into hydrogen fuel using energy from the...

Electrons slowing down at critical moments

In a crystal, All atoms shape an intermittent structure called a lattice, where the molecules are arranged in a tedious example in three dimensions....

Uncovering a missing link from methane to methanol

Microscopic crystalline structures called metal-organic systems (MOFs) may give an approach to take care of one of the most serious issues in methane functionalization...

Scientists discovered battery’s hidden layer

The lithium-ion battery is workhorse power source in many applications. But how do its charging and discharging cycles happen, is still remains a mystery? In...

Speeding up electrons like a roller-coaster ride

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have developed a new X-ray device that speeds up the electrons like a roller coaster. This...

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