Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Microplastics found in fresh snow in Antarctica

A serious threat to the Antarctic.

Giant groundwater system discovered in sediments below Antarctic ice

Previously unmapped reservoirs could speed glaciers, and release carbon.

Scientists identified the biggest threats to the largest remaining ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula

This is the first study to examine all of these factors over the long term.

A-76 is the world’s largest iceberg

It measures around 4320 sq km in size.

Previous ice loss events caused sea levels to rise around 3.6 meters per century

Melting ice sheets caused sea levels to rise up to 18 metre.

Scientists discovered strange creatures far beneath Antarctica’s ice shelves

The discovery of an established community consisting of only sessile, probably filter-feeding, organisms.

Understanding sea ice processes in a region of Antarctica

A Kiwi research team has, for the first time ever, used a fixed wing aircraft to measure the thickness of a huge area of sea ice in Antarctica.

Coronavirus has landed in the last continent previously free from Covid-19

Covid cases have now been recorded on all seven continents.

Warm, moist rivers of air help create massive holes in Antarctic sea ice

Warm, moist rivers of air may have continent-wide effects and influence climate change.

New penguin colonies discovered from space

There are nearly 20% more emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica.

First active Methane Seep discovered in Antarctica

Discovery provides new understanding of methane cycle.

Antarctica had rainforests 90 million years ago

Antarctica, which is entirely covered by ice sheets, was home to rainforests, almost 90 million years ago, suggests a new study by the team...

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