Aalto University

Listen to the sound of Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis can be heard even when they can’t be seen.

Measuring the world’s tiniest magnetic fields

A novel magnetometer that achieves an energy resolution per energy bandwidth that goes far beyond this limit.

Entangling electrons with heat

Aalto researchers can now extract entangled electrons using heat.

The study explains why superconductivity takes place in graphene

On its own, a sheet of graphene is a semimetal—its electrons interact only weakly with each other. But as experimentalists discovered in 2018, the...

Measuring the strength of electromagnetic radiation in real time

Radiation detector with the lowest noise in the world boosts quantum work

Scientists developed a faster method to read quantum memory

Applying a short microwave pulse to the superconducting circuit containing the qubit and then measure the reflected microwave is the only method used to...

Brain scans enlighten how people understand objects in our world

Our brain binds available information about objects with prior knowledge, thus allowing us to make sense of the world around us. The ability to...

New quantum structures in super-chilled helium may mirror early days of universe

Helium remains a liquid at atmosphere weight notwithstanding when chilled down to absolute zero, at which every other material freezes solid. In addition to...

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