Stretchy, Skin like Game Controller Acts like Second Screen


Nowadays, wearable technology becomes popular as smartphones, computer, and mobile applications. Its hands-free monitoring is the most appealing application of it is of artificial intelligence and big data. Through wearable technology, our body now become one with the game controller. Scientists from Seoul National University turns a forearm into a touchpad for gaming, playing music, and scrawling notes. They have devised a transparent, stretchy, skin like game controller that acts like the second screen.

Scientists imagine future where we forsake fragile electrodes for soft, biocompatible technology. No more stiff touch panels for human-computer interactions. So they got to work on a transparent hydrogel one.

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They develop a panel using a hydrogel made from polyacrylamide. It is a water-soluble acrylic resin and lithium chloride salts that act like a conductor.There are Electrodes on both ends of the panel, which creates a uniform electrostatic field. By pressing on it closes the circuit it allows the current to flow to the touch point.

Current meters at each corner brings the signals and send them to a separate controller board that connects to a computer.

According to scientists, the epidermal touch panel is able to identify motions like tapping, holding, dragging, and swiping. By pressing the panel with one finger, scientists was able to play music on a computer keyboard, move virtual chess pieces, write out letters, and control a video game.

Although, this game controller is not the most accurate touchpad. The finger-drawn letters spelling “Hello world!” were a little shaky. Scientists said, “having this much control on such a tricky surface is impressive.”

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This game controller is more stretchy than expected. It operates more than 1,000 percent of its normal size even after being stretched. After using it repeatedly, the material loses some of its flexibility, possibly. Because little hydrogel water evaporates. Thus, it might need a special moisturizer just like a real arm.


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