Growing up throughout the life, We sometimes actually forget to live for ourselves. The reason might be we get too busy with our work, our career, our goal. But ultimately we just give up living for ourselves. We never give our self a chance to be loved all by ourselves.

Our culture teaches us the virtue of thinking of others before you think of yourself. Altruism over self-interest. Western culture is more inclined towards putting yourself before others. Loyalty & duty is one thing, but altruism is denying oneself to serve another. Each stage of Life has different demand on us. Most mothers will happily tell you the virtue of putting kids before their own selves. Many give up hard-earned careers to look after their children, priding themselves on their sacrifice.

But somewhere the sacrificing parents are indulging their whims more for their own satisfaction than because it is really needed. Their sacrifice makes them feel good. In a way, we indulge our own selves when we are good to others. It gives us immense satisfaction to perceive ourselves as good human beings who care about others.

Loving should start from you at the first place. We often spent time loving someone else may that be your friend, your lover, your pet or the thing you love the most. But we often forget the self within us needs our love too. The bitter truth is we know this but we fail to think or implement that. Human always likes to socialize, he needs people around him; may he be anywhere, fails to listen to his inner self.

Never Love someone at cost of you…Because people move on, they leave you; but only yourself stays along with you forever. When you spent life for you, that’s when you actually start living your life.

Example: If, in this rains, you feel like dropping a paper boat in flowing water…Go do it!!! Don’t think of what people will say: DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!!

I did this, last week & trust me I felt so happy. The only thing that should matter to you is, what your heart feels. Remember you are a kid till you die, so never let that child in you die ever. So what tomorrow you get old, you have your kids & their kids…Doesn’t matter at all, because, “If you don’t live today, You will regret forever”.

I hope you think over this thought & start living for yourself. Take your first step towards taking yourself out.

If you like shopping alone, go shop. If you like listening to music, listen to songs…dance if love dancing…travel around; if you like traveling… If you love clicking your own pictures, click it…do whatever that will make you happy & end of the day you should be content.

We humans most of the time spent working. Half time deciding what to do in spare time, remaining time thinking of unwanted situations & about people who hurt us most. If you divert this attention on loving our self & doing things you love, life will be so beautiful & tension free.

Always give yourself the first priority, then others. Think first about what your heart feels & your heart wishes to do…Rest then follows.

So, starting from today; start living for yourself. There is no harm in being self-interested at times. Don’t forget to share your experiences, when you start doing that!!!

Happy Living People!!!