Squishy Super-capacitor Bathed in Green Tea to Power Wearable Devices


Gren tea is more than just a trendy way to lose weight. It is healthier than drinking soda or sugar filled juices. There are a lot of ways that green tea help you to stay healthy. It has various benefits in case of health. But, it is also beneficial for electronics.

Yes, soon electronic devices could become available in softer material made from green tea.

Wearable electronics has various factors and applications. But, power management is a key issue. Supercapacitors could potentially charge wearable electronics as they can instantly charge and discharge the charging cycle many times. But, the problem- they are rigid and developed to run into roadblocks. Made from carbon coated polymer, they tend to assemble and compromise the performance.

To make the green tea to work, scientists prepared polymer gels in it. The extract in tea infuses the gel with polyphenols which convert a silver nitrate solution into a uniform coating of silver nanoparticles. Then they applied layers of conducting gold and poly. And the resulting supercapacitor demonstrated power and energy densities of 2.715 watts per kilogram and 22 watt-hours per kilogram. According to scientists, it is sufficient enough to manipulate a heart rate monitor, LEDs and Bluetooth.

While testing the durability of the device, scientists found that it performs better after being compressed.