SMOKING-Is it necessary?

SMOKING-Is it necessary?

We live in a developing country but the disgraceful question is, ‘Is our country really developing?’ or ‘Are we the reason to get it to a standstill?’ or we are developing by wealth and retrogress by health?

Substance abuse is done in various forms. Be it smoking, chewing tobacco or consumption of alcohol. In our country, who doesn’t smoke? A common road sweeper, an adolescent influenced by peer pressure, young girls who want to show off, educated professionals; every second person is an addict of one of these.

Earlier smoking was afforded only by the rich, but now it has become a part of one’s daily routine. Unknowingly we blame the shopkeepers selling cigarette and pan which take you a step closer to death each passing day. But haven’t smokers seen the gross picture of oral cancer at pan shops? Doesn’t it make them feel guilty? The uneducated may not understand but what about professional who come out from their workplace, gather and smoke along with a cutting chai during their breaks. What pleasure does it provide them? Should we call them UNEDUCATED PROFESSIONAL?

We live in a country where people have the ‘CHALTA HAI’ attitude. They feel, smoke, or don’t smoke, they will die anyway, so they continue to smoke. Has it ever pricked their conscience that smoke is not only harmful to themselves but also to the public who inhale their smoke. The common man is becoming victim to this heinous practice. Children are often the victims, and they get lung cancer, was it their fault? Your life is not only yours, you are connected to other people, don’t reduce your life span by smoking, instead make your loved ones happy, teach and learn the way of living.

The educated civilized citizens of India are aware. Who on earth doesn’t know the fact that ‘Smoking kills’, ‘Smoking is bad’. No one?

Everyone knows educated and uneducated, shopkeeper and customer, buyer and seller each and everyone knows it leads to respiratory problems, heart diseases, mouth and lung cancer. But still, we turn a deaf ear!

Smoking is meant to beat the cold. It is common to smoke and drink in the cold countries.

‘Smoking and drinking are not bad unless it becomes an addiction’.But ‘Eventually you get addicted to it’, which is the funniest fact.

Cigarette contains a chemical- Nicotine, it erodes the blood vessels, and the lungs look likes a shrunken sponge with a tar like colour and consistency.

Personally, I feel smoking should be banned. Why doesn’t the cigarette factory shut down? When isn’t any action being taken? Cigarette should be available under doctor’s prescription. Because it is a drug and people use it the way they want to. If this happens there will be cases of smuggling.

Initially, smoker started reading this article in hope to get a single reason to continue smoking I gave you so many reasons to quit smoking. Think about it.

Quite smoking and be an angel to the innocent child who could’ve fallen ill just by your passive smoke.

Well, this is Gandhigiri, I bet there will be people who will continue smoking. Well, go ahead. Go dig your own grave. Prove the level of your unblushing. To the people who hate smoking and smokers here is something you can do to please the smokers- When you see a smoker,

  • Cough loudly when you pass them.
  • Close your nose and mouth and give them a look filled with disgust.

It shouldn’t become a public issue. That is my concern. For people who are undergoing rehab from alcohol abuse. Encourage them. Distract them. Keep them busy in some or the other activity. Initially, it is not easy, they do get restless. Don’t get aggressive with them. Just be cool and be with them throughout it.

Quite smoking for the sake of your sperm, your ovum. For your future kid who is born with no deformity. For the grandchild with whom you will play in future. Be an Angel!! It begins with YOU. Doesn’t matter if you don’t smoke, you still become a devil by not making the smokers understand of what they are doing. You may have you love ones who are into smoking. Convince them to change their way of thinking. Be an angel and make this earth a heaven to live in.!! ^_^