Sunday, January 16, 2022
Home Technology Smart Mirror by Evan Cohen

Smart Mirror by Evan Cohen

Smart Mirror by Evan Cohen

Evan Cohen, a Microsoft developer has made a special type of mirror called a smart mirror. This smart mirror which is only made in 20 hours of time, you can see future procedure inside it. Till now, you have seen this type of mirrors only in Hollywood’s scientific fiction movies. You can see maps, search images and can control your home inside this smart mirror. Even you can set reminders too.

  • Evan has posted his creation video through which we can say that this mirror could be used as our personal assistant.
  • Raspberry-pai-chipset has been used inside this mirror. We can connect it with USB microphone.
  • Evan is planning about to set stock market ticker, traffic data, bus time, movie time and chrome cast inside this mirror.
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