Smart Garbage System can Turns Trash into a Game


Everywhere in the world, government organizations have tried to eradicate the problem of garbage. Although, garbage is a big concern for cities. Where there is a man there is garbage. Following this train of thought, people are producing garbage ever since. At the end, it ends up with bin’s overflow. Sensity, a Brooklyn-based accelerator startup company, discovered a smart garbage system to fight this major issue.

The smart garbage system is known as TetraBIN. It converts disposal trash bin into a game. The TetraBin in real is a large three-sided container wrapped in a screen shows a side scrolling green field. There is a game where bats fly Bats fly through the air while dogs eagerly wait on the ground crying, ‘Feed me!’.

At inside, there are lines with motion sensors- detecting when something tossed into the bin. The bin then translates garbage into chicken drumsticks on the screen. Successfully feeding the dog results in a win screen with a code. The code can be redeemed on the TetraBIN website.

The company primarily focused on surrounding issues like transportation and utilities. Engineers found that the street furniture is a big part of the urban landscape. Although, various municipalities have tried to make bike racks and benches more attractive.

This smart garbage system use 4G network to connect and then transmits information to each other if close to proximity. Through this connection, they get a set up with minimal effort. And when people tire of the games they can display other things like bus and train schedules, traffic updates and the weather.

Sencity hopes that throwing out trash becomes an automatic habit, especially among children. This game may encourage kids to pick up other people’s trash as well.

Engineers said, “In New York and other cities, street furniture like bus shelters and newsstands are built and operated by Cemusa, which makes its profits by putting advertisements on everything. This smart garbage system – TetraBin would be a natural fit for interactive ads which will entertain people and collect the garbage as well.”

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