Scientists Reveal New Super-Fast Type Computer that ‘Grows as it Computes’


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Have you ever imagine that a supercomputer made from DNA? Isn’t it sound interesting? Scientists from the University of Manchester have developed a new super-fast type computer that ‘grows as it computes’.

This is for the first time, scientists have demonstrated the usefulness of developing a Nondeterministic Universal Turing Machine (NUTM). A Universal Turing machine is a theoretical machine that examines the abilities and limitations of computers.

In this machine, the set of rules prescribes maximum one action to execute for any given situation. The Nondeterministic Universal Turing Machine is beyond of it. It consists of the set of rules that prescribes more than one action for a given situation.

The theoretical property of this super-fast type computer is it exponentially boost speed over electronic and quantum computers.

Professor King, from Manchester’s School of Computer Science, said, “Imagine a computer is searching a maze and comes to a choice point, one path leading left the other right. Electronic computers need to choose which path to follow first.”

“But this super-fast type computer doesn’t need to choose, for it can replicate itself. It follows both paths at the same time, thus finding the answer faster.”

Computer chips are complex, multilayered devices with detailed circuitry that require the addition of some insulator into their circuits. Therefore, chips are made from silicon as they provide right conductivity. But the most interesting feature of this new computer- its chip is made from DNA.

King said, “As DNA molecules are very small a desktop computer could potentially utilize more processors than all the electronic computers in the world combined. Therefore outperform the world’s current fastest supercomputer, while consuming a tiny fraction of its energy.”

“Quantum computers are an exciting other form of computer. They can also follow both paths in a maze. But it only follows certain symmetries, which greatly limits their use. This new computer has the ability to grow as it computes makes it faster than any other form of computer. It also enables the solution of many computational problems previously considered impossible”

The University of Manchester is famous for its collaboration with Alan Turing and for creating the first stored memory electronic computer. Alan Turing is the founder of computer science.

This innovation is actually built on these foundations.


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