Making stable aromatic molecules reactive with light

Reactions of this type are known as photochemical reactions.

Engineers resolve single photons 70x faster than other techniques

A step towards advancing quantum information processing

Solving one of the biggest open questions about dark matter’s nature

Revealing the secret language of dark matter

Tetraneutron – An Exotic State of Matter discovered

It could lead to a better understanding of how the universe is put together.

A roadmap for deepening Understanding of puzzling Universal process

An insight into the workings of the cosmos.

The unique mathematical physics of the singing saw

How the singing saw sings is based on a surprising effect.

Harnessing physical systems to perform computation more efficiently

Physical neural networks have the potential to perform machine learning faster.

Effective method for simulating light-matter interactions at the atomic scale

Light-matter interaction is an essential topic relevant to the disciplines of physical and chemical sciences and optical and electrical engineering. The invention of the...

Supercooling coupled ions for more accurate atomic clocks

Journey towards even more accurate optical atomic clocks.

16 Years study to Challenge Einstein theory with extreme stars

Researchers from ten countries put Einstein's theory to the most rigorous tests yet.

Micro-device to transform invisible light into visible light

The breakthrough will lead to a new class of compact sensors for thermal imaging and chemical or biological analysis.

Researchers have created New Phase of matter- Time crystal

Time-crystals are a striking example of a new type of non-equilibrium quantum phase of matter.

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