Milestone: A particle accelerator on a chip

FAU team of researchers succeed for the first time in accelerating electrons using a nano device.

A new pathway to achieve superlensing without a superlens

Microscopes boosted beyond limits.

Replicating pseudogravity is possible

Photonic crystals bend light as though it were under the influence of gravity.

A powerful physics phenomenon demonstrated

Study hints at new way to improve on spintronics for future tech.

Physicists detected excitons that are bound via magnetism

"Hubbard excitons" could eventually lead to novel technologies

Gravity’s effect on matter’s elusive twin is revealed

Down goes antimatter!

Sand that flows uphill

Study details how applying magnetic forces to individual 'microroller' particles spurs collective motion.

Visualizing how electrons flow around sharp bends

Electrons take flight at the nanoscale.

Matter makes up 31% of the total amount of matter and energy in the universe

A research team relies on measuring the number of galaxy members to determine the mass of galaxy clusters.

Neutrinos are predicted to interact unexpectedly with photons

New insights into neutrino interactions.

A physics mystery solved: How does Glass dampen sound?

Puzzling glass vibrations!

A never-before-seen form of Oxygen observed for the first time

Physicists observe Oxygen-28 for the first time.

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