Safety has many meanings for parents with children in schools

An important driver of parents’ satisfaction.


Security, simply behind family and group engagement, is a standout amongst the most import drivers of guardians’ fulfillment with their youngster’s school. In customary state-funded schools, security is similarly as imperative in driving general fulfillment as educators, and much more essential than scholastics and getting the hang of, as per an examination by researchers at Rice University‘s Jones Graduate School of Business.

Interestingly, security is marginally less critical than instructors among contract school guardians.

The inaugural 2017 Collaborative for Customer-Based Execution and Strategy (C-CUBES) Benchmark K-12 School Study depends on a broadly illustrative online study of 7,259 guardians directed amid October through November. The objective of the continuous investigation is to give a confirmation based way to deal with a fuse the partner contribution to key arranging and execution of state-funded schools. The room for giving and take was given or take 1 percent at the 95 percent level of certainty.

The significance of security may not be surely known by numerous school pioneers and area executives, the examination’s creators said. A multivariate investigation led by the examination group distinguished five parts that speak to 77 percent of the general idea of wellbeing:

  • Children are physically safe (22 percent).
  • Children are mentally safe (20 percent).
  • Students are free of violence (14 percent).
  • Schools use adequate disciplinary measures in dealing with disruptive students (12 percent).
  • Schools are consistent and fair in enforcing disciplinary policies (9 percent).

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 65 percent of public schools reported that one or more violent incidents had taken place, which amounts to an estimated 757,000 incidents during the 2013-14 school year.

Study leader Vikas Mittal said, “Safety in schools is not an elusive concept. By focusing on these five concrete areas, public schools can improve parent satisfaction with safety, which should help them to attract and retain families.”

“We now have evidence, using the voice of the customer, that safety includes both physical and mental safety of children. More importantly, it has a component of consistency and fairness in developing and enforcing school policies. Our study shows the three biggest drivers of overall satisfaction are safety along with teachers and family and community engagement.”

C-CUBES released its inaugural 2017 study on public schools and parent satisfaction, which focused on family and community engagement, Nov. 29. A summary can be viewed here. A second study, released Dec. 5, found that traditional public schools are less likely to earn an A or A-plus from parents than private or charter schools are. A third study released Dec. 14, found that traditional public-school parents who are “very dissatisfied” with their child’s school are 2.5 times more likely to switch to a charter school than parents who are “very satisfied.”


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