Revolutionary Guitar Strings Rock the Guitar World

Fantastic new creation for your whammy bar.


Guitar strings generate music by vibrating in a complex harmonic pattern. When a guitarist sets a string in motion, a specific set of frequencies resonate based on the harmonic series and produce sound.

A new revolutionary invention is done by Professor Dr. Jonathan Kemp in the era of music. He has developed guitar strings that balance electric guitar sensitively and feel in a way that has never been accomplished for an instrument with standard hardware.

Its optimised sensitivity means that the D string is no longer more difficult to bend than its neighbors. The low E string also becomes comparatively blunt than other strings when played hard.

Revolutionary Guitar Strings Rock the Guitar World
A revolutionary guitar string developed at the University of St Andrews has struck a chord with some of the greats of the music world.

This progressive guitar strings created at the University of St Andrews have evoked genuine emotion with a portion of the greats of the music world.

The invention also reduced temperature related tuning problems.

Guitarist Mark McGuigan of said, “The new strings are awesome fun and provide fantastic new creative opportunities for your whammy bar.”

Dr. Kemp said, “While string sets have been available before with balanced tensions, those strings have featured different sensitivities, with all strings bending through different pitch intervals when the player performs identical movements.”

“The laws of physics prevent equalized feel between different plain steel strings. With the new strings the properties are controlled to ensure that four of the strings (the plain G and the overwound D, A and low E strings) on a standard electric guitar bend through the same pitch intervals for identical player control changes, whether that be through conventional pitch bends (dragging the strings through a certain distance along a fret to increase tension) or through use of a tremolo/vibrato arm.”

“The clearest demonstration of this is through listening to chords played on these strings during tremolo arm use.”

The problem with standard guitars that they don’t emote effective chord bends at a vocal quality. It is a more challenging task for lead guitar players. These new strings mean that chord bends accomplished effectively that was impossible to have on standard guitars like Fender Stratocasters with standard tremolo units or guitars with the Floyd Rose locking tremolo system.

Dr. Kemp said, “The new strings are as cheap to construct as existing designs and all in all this amounts to a breakthrough for electric guitar performance and one that doesn’t require any expensive changes to players’ existing instruments.”


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