Rare phenomenon: Four planets will line up in the sky this month

A rare phenomenon that attracts space enthusiasts who are keen to witness various celestial events.


Do you recall the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the end of 2020? This month is going to have the close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter before sunrise.

In early April, three planets: Venus, Mars, and Saturn, formed a trio in the southeast before sunrise. By mid-month, Jupiter joined this trio, including a quartet of planets- an alignment of four planets.

This planetary alignment of Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter will appear in the predawn hours in the sky this month.

NASA revealed that the rare occurrence is that all of the planet’s orbits around the sun are lining up. Meanwhile, the space agency also stated that Venus’ orbit around the sun is 225 Earth days, while Saturn’s is 29 years.

The two brightest planets in the sky, Venus and Jupiter, are headed for their ultra-close conjunction on April 30th.

NASA said“Whether you call it the Big Dipper, Ursa Major, or the Plough, it’s probably the most familiar pattern of bright stars in the northern sky. The Big Dipper is a handy reference for finding your way around the sky, but it also contains a hidden surprise: One of its stars is two. Or, actually, six… Let’s break that down….”

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