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Plezmo: Wireless Building Blocks For Coding & Creativity

Plezmo.Inc launched an innovative platform to teach creators, young and old, to learn, play and innovate with technology. The platform includes intelligent, wireless devices and easy-to-use coding apps. It allows the user to develop critical thinking and coding skills all while having fun.

With Plezmo, the user can create projects in arts, science, music, robotics or even build your very own game. Its elements keep your child’s dollhouse safe from intruders with burglar alarms and automatic opening doors.

Plezmo consist of elements are as follows:

Plezmo: Wireless Building Blocks For Coding & Creativity
Inner structure of Display element

  • Button: Control things with a simple push of the button
  • Display: Show photos, emojis, and text
  • Buzzer: Add sound to your projects
  • Bulb: Illuminate any color
  • Proximity sensor: Sense when something moves closer or further away
  • Speaker: Play music, sound notes and more.
  • Light sensor: Sense when the light is present, like the sunrise.
  • Motion sensor: Sense tilts, movements, flips and rotations
  • Control motor: Get precise control to create cars, robots, pulley systems and more.
  • Gesture sensor: Sense waves, shakes and other hand gestures
  • Color sensor: Recognize colors

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Both the elements are simple and elegant on the outside. Every element provides unique capabilities and inter-element communication that span across space and walls.

Adapters for Plezmo:

  • Double sided tape adapter
  • Clip adapter
  • Wristband
  • Lego Technic adapter to enhance technic models with elements
  • Lego brick adapter
  • Charging adapter

The user can use it anywhere including classrooms, maker faires, robotics club, family nights and play dates. It comes in 4 types for every skill level. 1. Beginner’s pack, 2. Inventor pack, 3. explorer pack, 4. Expert bundle.

Engineers said, “We have gone through multiple iterations of prototypes before coming up with our current design. We have tested our prototypes with more than 60 children of all ages, groups, and interests and they have helped us develop Plezmo to what it is today!”

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Some key features of Plezmo:

  • Plezmo’s app: The user can program any element according to his requirements through its apps. The app has user-friendly and visual programming interface.

Plezmo: Wireless Building Blocks For Coding & Creativity
Plezmo’s app

  • Creatively compatible
  • Wireless intelligence
  • Small but powerful
  • Rechargeable elements
  • Upgrades over the year

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