People With Less Education Have Increased Heart Attack Risk


Some people drop out school very early. Although, there are many reasons involved. But, dropping out school without graduation is not a good choice. It tends to have a bad stigma. People with less education have a lower chance of getting a good job. In addition, a new research suggests that people who drop out school early or people with less education tends to have increased rate of heart attack.

Scientists discovered the link between education and cardiovascular disease events. For this, they have followed 267,153 men and women in the state of New South Wales aged over 45, who are part of the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study, for over five years.

Researchers found that the people who have University degree have fewer chances of cardiovascular disease. People with less education have 170% more chances of heart attacks than people with complete education.

lead researcher Dr. Rosemary Korda said, “Mid-age adults who hadn’t completed high school were 50% more likely to have a first stroke than those with a university degree; those with intermediate levels of education (non-university qualifications) were 20% more likely.”

According to researchers, the similar pattern of inequality existed between household income and cardiovascular disease events.

The analysis suggests that the heart disease is the single cause of death in Australia. An average, one Australian dying in every 27 minutes.

Professor Emily Banks said, “This research demonstrates, how much worse the inequalities in cardiovascular disease are than we previously thought. This research also provides important clues about how much cardiovascular disease can be prevented.”

The good education leads to long-term health. This influencing the type of job you have, where you live and what food choices you make.

This research opens the link between educational achievement and cardiovascular disease risk. Through this, people can think on the way to reduce the risk.



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