Nozzle Saves 98% of Water by Atomizing

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We all know the importance of water. Although, it is an essential source for our survival. But now, only few amount of water remains on the earth. So, various scientists are finding new approaches for saving water resources. Similarly, the Altered Company does develop the ‘world’s most extreme water saver’: Altered: Nozzle.

Altered nozzle’s allows for spending 98% less water, by installing a tiny nozzle easily into the existing tap in 30 seconds. It is pretty effective; you even don’t realize that you are using less water.

Working of the nozzle:

Its working is all different than other conventional nozzles. It depends on a technology that was designed to spray more water. By atomizing the water it breaks the water into billion tiny drops coming out at a high speed, this gives it greater pressure, which makes it more useful.

This new Altered nozzle can easily adjust into any tap by taking only 30 seconds for installation. (While installation, if you are not sure about the type and measure of your tap, you can determine it with a dime and nickel). It comes with two different modes. In the second mode, the water is less atomized less. Thus, it is easy to fill water into anything by saving 75% of the water. If you are not sure about the type and measure of your tap, you can determine it with a dime and nickel.

The team explained, “There are already millions of faucets in the world. That’s why we’ve developed the Altered:Nozzle to easily install into your existing faucet in just 30 seconds. Altering your existing faucet, instead of buying a whole new one, we get the same effect at a fraction of the cost. It also means lots and lots more people can buy our product. And that, in turn, means we can save a lot more water which is kind of the point. Saving money, resources, and water as well. Sounds good to us!