Now, Google AI Can Beat Human Engineers

Google has developed an artificial neural network to mimic the way the brain learns. The system is called as AutoML, that can develop networks that are more powerful, efficient, and easy to use.


Recently, one of the most discussion came out of Google I/O conference. The company has announced a new approach to machine learning where neural networks are used to build better neural networks. Google CEO Sundar Pichai had joked that they have achieved ‘AI inception’ through ‘AutoML’.

AutoML is designed to develop networks that are more powerful, efficient, and easy to use. That means this Google AI is capable of building it own, more powerful AI. And the most exciting is, almost anyone will be able to build AI systems to tackle whatever tasks they like.

Now, Google AI Can Beat Human Engineers
Pichai discussing the Deep Learning and AI updates at this year’s I/O Keynote [Image Credit: Google Developers via YouTube]
AutoML uses deep learning tactics and sends data via extensive neural networks. It requires lots of computational power to do.

CEO Sundar Pichai said, “The way it works is we take a set of candidate neural nets, think of these as little baby neural nets, and we actually use a neural net to iterate through them until we arrive at the best neural net.”

“It is called as reinforcement learning, where computers link trial and error with some kind of reward.”

Now, Google AI Can Beat Human Engineers
One neural net selects others. Credit: Google

Pichai noted, “We hope AutoML will take an ability that a few PhDs have today and will make it possible in three to five years for hundreds of thousands of developers to design new neural nets for their particular needs.”

During experiments, this Google AI smartly recognizes which system is smart. That potentially takes a huge amount of work out of the process of building the AI systems of the future, because they can be partly self-built.

Currently, AutoML is in its early stages. During experiments, Google showed off how its machine learning technology could brighten up a dark picture or remove obstructions in images, all based on the training its gotten from millions of other sample snaps.

Google said, “With the help of AutoML, our AI platforms should get more intelligent more quickly, though it might be a while before you see the benefits in your Android camera app. Before then, app developers and scientists will be able to tap into AutoML.”

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