Nightmare Machine To Generate The Scariest Images Ever

Nightmare Machine To Generate The Scariest Images Ever

In this technology era, we are supposed to create more renewable energy than ever before. And that’s the reason, we have lots of machines with Artificial Intelligence. Various scientists are looking forward to reducing human efforts by developing robots and AI with humankind. But this time, MIT scientists does something exceptional. They have built a new kind of AI- ‘Nightmare machine’ with the sole purpose of generating the scariest images ever.

In this Halloween duration, scientists have developed a nightmare machine. This nightmare machine uses an algorithm that learns what humans find scary, sinister, or just downright unnerving. After that, it draws images based on what it thinks will freak us out the most. For example, it can create images according to a number of themes-ghost town, tentacle monster, and slaughterhouse.

Although, every human has a nightmare once in a while. This causes results in feelings of strong terror, fear, distress or extreme anxiety. Such bad dreams are the part of their normal experience.

Pinar Yanardag Delul, One of the team member said, “There have been a rising number of intellectuals, including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, raising alarms about the potential threat of superintelligent AI on humanity.”

“In the event of Halloween, we wanted to playfully commemorate humanity’s fear of AI. It is a growing theme in popular culture,” he added.

Primarily, the machine learns what a haunted house, a toxic city, or a zombified human looks like. It then implies them into innocuous images to make horrifying. Actually, the nightmare machine is based on Google’s Deep dream computer vision program. It uses a type of artificial neural network to create a dreamlike or hallucinogenic filter to run over regular images.

One of the researchers, Manuel Cebrian said, “We observed some interesting outcomes. We train a neural network on places, like a haunted house, and apply it to a person or group of people. The result is equally haunting.”

Scientists are actually bit weird on its own. The project does not want to scare people. Instead, it is created to get to the bottom of why humans fear the things they do. Scientists created this nightmare machine because they wanted to know ‘what if machines like robots or AI can somehow have a hand in alleviating that fear in the future’.

Cebrian said, “We aren’t taking this too seriously, we want to have fun with it. But underneath is something very serious.”