NexD1: The World First Multi Material And Electronics Printer


There are many 3D printers making their way to add high-end function. For example, the ability to print objects using multiple materials. Similarly, German startup Next Dynamics brings NexD1 multi-color and a multi-material 3D printer. The most exciting feature of it is, it can print electronic circuit boards.

Engineers develop this electronic 3D printer with the aim to reduce all of the things that annoyed them about 3D printing. Thus, three years ago, they decided to work on developing a machine that can produce PCBs. After observing the exciting functions for their first design, they decided to expand it more. They turned their machine into functioning 3D printer.

According to engineers, NexD1 could become a launching point for budding businesses. Anyone can manufacture and iterate almost anything.

The NexD1 consists of 200 nozzles that spray very fine droplets of material onto the build surface. The material’s droplets get harden by UV layer on each layer. Hence, the machine can print at a resolution of more than ten microns.

The compact NexD1 is just 42 cubic cm, with a build volume of 20 x 20 x 20 cm. At the same instant, it can hold six cartridges. The cartridges have digital rights management (DRM). As mentioned above, it can print fully functional circuits that are just as conductive as a regular PCB.

NexD1: The World First Multi Material And Electronics Printer

Some other features of NexD1:

  • 10″ easy touchscreen: A beautiful 10-inch capacitive touchscreen allows for simple use and an easy workflow. Its touch screen also allows easy and intuitive access.
  • WiFi: With Wi-Fi connectivity, you are always up to date on any of your prints.
  • Onboard slicer: Its onboard slicer slice and print through the touch of the finger.
  • Simple swapping of cartridges
  • Silent operation for a noise free environment.
  • Its materials are eco-friendly, non-toxic and water soluble. Thus, it causes no harm like heart risks.


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