New Ultrathin, Bluetooth-Connected Heated Insoles


The more we moving toward future, the more innovation we will see. The latest technological innovation is set to hit the public market within the next few years: the Internet of Things. With the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth technology connects more devices each day. Similarly, the company ‘+t’ take this concept to the new level by developing heated insoles.

The company took more than 3 years to design this winter heated insoles. They are explicitly designed and fully compatible with SIDI cycling shoes.

The specialty of this heated insoles is it can warm up your feet using an app. Although, the concept of insoles is not new. But, these new heated insoles solve the problem of overheating.

The insoles are embedded with a built-in accelerometer that turns on the heat whenever it is required. The operation is done by connecting this insole to the smartphone via Bluetooth. They are rechargeable and very light in weight. You can even slide it into your favorite shoes.

Working of This New Heated Insoles:

The working of this heated insole is very easy and fast. First of all, the user needs an app in his/her smartphone. Once the user downloads the app, he/she need to connect it with insoles via Bluetooth. Then the user will set the temperature as per the requirement.

There is a set of high-tech resistances sealed inside the tip of the insole that heats your foot. The battery inside the insole takes 3 hours for complete charging and last for more than 5 hours. The most interesting are user can charge its battery wirelessly. The user can easily check battery status and also save battery life by simply switching on and off, right from the app.

Features of Heated Insoles:

  • Lightweight.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Waterproof.
  • Can be charged wirelessly.
  • Operates through the smartphone app.
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