A new project launches to avoid stroke in patients with brain bleeding

Prevention of stroke in Intracerebral hemorrhage survivors with Atrial Fibrillation.


Stroke is one of the biggest general wellbeing challenges far and wide, and happen when the blood supply to the mind is intruded, for example, through a coagulation or a brain bleeding.

It is the most well-known reason for grown-up obtained handicap, the second driving reason for death all inclusive and the second most regular reason for dementia. Also, a stroke is a malady of the elderly, its effect is relied upon to additionally increment in the coming a very long time because of the maturing populace.

Another multi-million Euro activity subsidized by the European Commission has been set up to assist avert stroke in patients with existing conditions.

The €6.9m venture is gone for patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), a typical heart condition which causes unpredictable and unusually quick pulse, who have already had a stroke caused by seeping in the cerebrum (named intracerebral discharge or ICH).

The Prevention of Stroke in intracerebral haemorrhage survivor with Atrial Fibrillation (PRESTIGE-AF) unites researchers and clinicians crosswise over Europe with the objective of lessening the danger of further stroke in this gathering of patients.

At the centre of the PRESTIGE-AF task will be a clinical trial to assemble prove around suggested a drug for stroke avoidance in patients with AF. Various substudies will investigate individual prescient hazard demonstrating utilizing cerebrum imaging, hereditary testing and other organic markers. Different parts of the task will incorporate investigating intellectual and mental factors and medication adherence in these patients.

The venture will be driven by Professor Roland Veltkamp from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London and includes 11 other accomplice foundations all through the UK and crosswise over Europe including Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and France. The Consortium individuals will work cooperatively inside the European Commission structure to convey the coveted results throughout the following five years.

Professor Veltkamp said: “Prevention of stroke is challenging in vulnerable stroke patients with multiple disorders and interacting risks. It’s this complexity that makes it difficult to work out the best individual preventive strategy for a particular patient.”

“Working with our international partners through the PRESTIGE-AF initiative we hope to tackle some of the unmet needs of these patients and develop more personalised treatments. Prevention is key, and ultimately we aim to prevent stroke and the impact it has on patients’ lives.”



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