New Plastic Surface Lets You Get Every Last Drop Of Shampoo


The shampoo is generally available in the plastic sachet or plastic bottles. Even after using complete shampoo, the last dollop of shampoo remains stuck in the bottle. So, you put some water into it, shake it well and apply it on your hair. Still, little amount of shampoo remains stuck on the inner surface of the bottle. This is when you feel annoyed and frustrated that you want to scream out in agony. So, engineers from the State-Ohio University developed a new plastic surface coating for such bottles. This new surface coating enables sticky liquids like shampoo and oil to slide cleanly out of a bottle.

This coating repels liquids in general, but getting it to repel soap was the hard part. Ketchup and other sauces have a lot of water in them. So, water molecules hold on to each other more than they like to stick to plastic. Soapy compounds have very low surface tension, so it gets stuck to plastic very easily.

To overcome this issue, scientists did lots of efforts to find the right formula to enable these surfactants to just slide off. And they came up with this new solution that is cheap and eco-friendly.

To create this new plastic surface, scientists sprayed a small amount of solvent and ultra-fine silica nanoparticles to the inside of the bottle. Once the plastic get hardens, silica started forming a layer.

These tiny structures look like shaggy, heart-shaped pillows, but they’re hard as glass. When soap or oil come into contact with a coating embedded with these nanoparticles their molecules can’t fall in between the resulting branches. It ends up creating air pockets underneath, which in turns provides liquid repellency. So instead of spreading out on the surface, the droplets form beads and slip right off.

  • It enhanced private use without loss of manufacturing cost in past.
  • It was optimized for user convenience.
  • Its design is ideally harmonized with beauty sense to see how much more left inside.

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