New Cavity Treatment Offer No Drilling, No FIlling

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In the case of tooth decay, dentists fill cavities as cavity treatment option. Sometimes, it also called restoration. The treatment involves removal of tooth material, cleaning the affected area and filling the cavity with filling material. After the completion of a filling, teeth may be hot, cold, or pressure sensitive. But, sometimes patients feel pain around fillings. The pain is very sharp pain that continues over time.

To fix this serious issue, scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry offered a new treatment called resin infiltration. This new treatment allows dentists to slide a plastic perforated sheet between the teeth with cavities.

In this treatment, no drilling is necessary. The procedure does not need any anesthesia.

Assistant professor Augusto Robles, DDS said, “When we develop cavities between teeth, sometimes we have to go through the tooth, and we end up damaging healthy tooth structure. This new system allows us to skip the drilling and helps us preserve that structure.

The Resin infiltration treatment helps restore teeth, there are a few prerequisites for patients looking to dodge the drill. It works only in between teeth or on smooth surfaces where there are small cavities.

In this treatment, the cavity is first cleaned by pushing a gel. The gel then makes the surface to accept the resin infiltrant through the perforated sheet. After that, the liquid resin is used to fill the tooth with the help of perforated sheet. A dental curing light is then applied to the tooth to cure the resin. Hence, the treatment is complete.

The resin used in the procedure has to be in the liquid state so that it absorbs by the cavities in teeth.

Nathaniel Lawson, DMD said, “Since this is a no-shot and no-drill treatment and popular with patients. And since no tooth is removed, so it is a very conservative procedure.

This cavity treatment is actually made in Germany and FDA approved commercially available. The UAB Clinical Research Center is conducting the largest U.S. clinical trial of this product.

Lawson said, “I’m so proud to be a member of UAB, where I can be a part of a center that is testing new and innovative products. This is one of the most innovative products in dentistry I’ve seen in a while.

Patients interested in participating can make an appointment for a free 20-minute X-ray and screening appointment by emailing SODBi[email protected]. There is no cost to participate in the study.