Nasa Approved Glasses to Watch solar Eclipse Safely

The best protection for your eyes during this total solar eclipse.

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On August 21, America will experience a total solar eclipse after 38 years since 1979. On this day, the moon will slide in front of the Sun and the whole America will fall into a dusky night.

Not at all like ‘dark moons’ and ‘blood moons’, which have been swelled via web-based networking media starting late, this divine occasion is really a major ordeal.

For many astronomers, the event will be life-changing and mind-bending. People will cheer or cry.

Astronomers suggest that “this total solar eclipse will have imperceptible effects. For example, sudden loss of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.”

North America and even parts of South America will get the chance to see a partial solar eclipse. Watching eclipse with the naked eye can result in injury to the retina and even blindness. The danger to the eye comes from infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, and excessive blue light. In short, it is more dangerous than looking at the Sun on any other ordinary day.

Actually, our normal built-in ocular safety doesn’t really work the same during an eclipse. In addition, the combination of extreme brightness against total darkness creates a sharpness that challenges the eye’s safety focus features. Thus, it may damage the image on the most sensitive neural tissue.

Depending on exposure time and other personal health factors, the damage could be temporary or it could last a lifetime. In either case, it’s not a risk worth taking, and proper glasses are a must.

Although there are lots of brands in glasses available in the market to watch the solar eclipse. But Nasa warns many of them to fall below the safety standard. They transmit thousands of times too much sunlight.

Nasa Approved Glasses to Watch solar Eclipse Safely

Nasa suggests making sure that the glasses meet ISO 12312-2 safety standard.

NASA approved glasses called Lunt SUNoculars, which is perfect for viewing 2017 Solar Eclipse. All glasses are personally tested on the Sun to assure 100% quality and safety.

These solar eclipse glasses come with a pocket-sized instrument, through which you can watch, study eclipses safely. Its lenses reduce the light of the Sun to an ND-5 transmission and blocks all ultraviolet and infrared components.