Music Scientifically Designed To Help You Concentrate


There are lots of people who work while listening to music in the background. They say it help them to focus. Similarly, most people who can concentrate only for a maximum of about 100 continuous minutes. Various researchers also suggest that it helps to concentrate more.

In our busy schedule, we try to block the rest of the world out with music. It is also proving as effective to reduce stress. It also has a unique link to our emotions. But, not all music is created equal.

So, scientists have designed a system in collaboration with neuroscientists called as ‘Brain.FM’. Brain.FM is  is a patented music software as a service technology. It capitalizes on the latest in auditory neuroscience concept that connects to empirical developments. Thus it generates sound from the ground up that helps trigger specific cognitive states. They developed this system to provide music that is essentially boost your creativity and help you to concentrate. For example, whether you are trying to study, sleep, or simply relax. music influences cognitive states by entraining neuronal oscillations. music influences cognitive states by entraining neuronal oscillations.

The system produces an innovative non-invasive digital therapy application for consumers. In this system, you can select playlists for a certain length of time or definite times. For example, when you select an attention-boosting playlist, it helps to improve focus and reaction times. If you choose a relaxing playlist, it starts improving slow-wave sleep. It even plays in the background that can last for whole day.

The system uses an algorithm that generates music to adjust cognitive states. The most interesting feature of it is, it plays sound at different frequency range according to cognitive states. For example, in deep sleep: 0.1- 2 Hz, in high rate variability: 8- 10 Hz and while focusing: 12- 18 Hz.

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In total, is the only music service offering scientifically engineered tunes with the right spectrum to stimulate the brain.


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