How much Screen Time is too much?

The measure of screen media 'addiction' in children.


Young children nowadays bent over a screen for hours, texting or gaming, lost in a digital world. Many parents are concerned because of it.

They generally tend to ask, how much screen time is too much?

According to a new study by the social problems connected with screen addiction.

Lead author Sarah Domoff said, “Typically, researchers and clinicians quantify or consider the amount of screen time as of paramount importance in determining what is normal or not normal or healthy or unhealthy.”

“Our study has demonstrated that there is more to it than a number of hours. What matters most is whether screen use causes problems in other areas of life or has become an all-consuming activity.”

There are many studies that suggest screen use. But this is the first tool that measures screen media addiction in children ages 4-11.

A portion of the notice signs includes: if screen time meddles with day to day exercises, causes strife for the youngster or in the family, or is the main action that brings the kid satisfaction.

Domoff said, “Kids who use media in unhealthy ways have problems with relationships, conduct, and other emotional symptoms.”

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