MIT radio astronomer’s Zoo Theory, a step forward why aliens never contacted humans

The Pentagon of the US that conducted secret Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program for five years has been stark silent on the issue of whether it has been able to establish any kind of contact.


Where are all the aliens? If they exist, why haven’t we met them yet?

One prominent hypothesis to clarify why outsiders have not reached people is the Zoo Theory. John A. Ball, an MIT radio space expert, proposed the hypothesis in 1973, recommending that outsiders may intentionally be evading contact with people so they don’t meddle with our movement, like zookeepers at a zoo or nature protect.

Ball wrote in his paper, “ETI (extraterrestrial insight) might be attentively and subtly watching us however not fiddling.”

As indicated by this hypothesis, we are excessively unevolved and graceless, making it impossible to be a risk or weight to outsider life, yet rather than meddle with our common development, they screen us from a remote place. Obviously, they aren’t totally impeccable in their push to remain out of human issues, which is the reason we have a few thousand claimed sightings every year.

This is just a single of a few hypotheses on why we haven’t reached yet. Different hypotheses recommend that there might be outsider life out there, yet it’s not propelled enough to contact its cousins in different neighborhoods. Much research has been done to help this thought, especially encompassing Saturn’s moon, Enceladus.

This moon has a salty sea underneath its frigid covering, be that as it may, as per David Brown, a specialist at Warwick University’s Center for Exoplanets and Habitability who concentrates on concentrate this moon, any life that may exist here would likely be microbial.

Furthermore, even if life were more advanced, if it did reside in an ocean rather than on the planet’s surface, space travel would likely not be a top priority.

As proposed in the Zoo Theory, “earth is like a zoo and all its inhabitants are like creatures in the zoo and the aliens are the zookeepers, watching and monitoring our activities from a distance without interfering in our daily lives.”

It would be early and judgmental to say anything in regards to the situation in the additional earthly world.

In any case, is astonishing that the Pentagon of the US that directed mystery Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program for a long time has been stark noiseless on the issue of whether it has possessed the capacity to set up any sort of contact.

As indicated by Luis Elizondo, a previous Pentagon specialist who ran the program, the aliens are real and the legislature likewise realizes that. Is the US government concealing something? That is the most confusing inquiry.

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