Mind-Controlled Toys: The Next Generation Of Christmas Presents


Toys brings happiness to kids. No doubt, discovering and playing with new toys is exciting for kids. There are different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic is use to make toys. Nowadays toy manufacturing companies are thinking beyond of making blue or pink toys only. They are making toys according to generation. Similarly, next generation of toys soon controls by the power of the mind. Scientists are creating mind-controlled toys.

Until now, you have seen toys that control through controllers. So, you will see the mind-controlled toys. That means your children will soon control toys by their thoughts.

Yeah!! You read it right. Scientists from the University of Warwick developing mind-controlled toys. They have developed technology that allows electronic devices that activate using electrical impulses from brain waves, by connecting our thoughts to computerized systems.

Mind-controlled toys will be based on levels of concentration. It will use a headset to establish a communication in brain and computer. The headset is consist of a sensor. This sensor in the headset will measure the electrical impulses from the brain at various different frequencies. These frequencies are controlled under only in special circumstances. This activity is then processed by a computer, amplified and fed into the electrical circuit of the electronic toy. Thus, this allows you to control it based on how hard you’re concentrating.

Professor Christopher James, research lead said, “Whilst brain-computer interfaces already exist, there are already a few gaming headsets on the market. Their functionality has been quite limited. New research is making the headsets now read cleaner and stronger signals than ever before. This means stronger links to the toy, game or action thus making it a very immersive experience.

The exciting bit is what comes next -how long before we start unlocking the front door or answering the phone through brain-computer interfaces?” he added.

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