Meet Flter- The Filter of Your Internet


The Internet provides a wealth of information and services. Our many activities now rely mostly on the internet. This increasing use of internet also presents specific risks. There are the number of services available which provides protection and security to the internet and the computer as well. A new device is also on the way to protect the Internet-connected devices. The device is known as Flter.

Developed by a tech company Flter, flter is an easy-to-use network device. It is designed to protect the user from consistent and obtrusive data collection. The device provides protection by routing the network through a VPN and/or Tor network.

Meet Flter- The Filter of Your Internet
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This network device works with any kind of router or modems. The VPN mode allows the device to route all network through VPN for encrypted protection.

In addition, it helps the user to get rid out of annoying ads. This is what all happens at the router level and provided to every connected device.

Due to increasing rate of online piracy, lots of consumers are finding ways to protect themselves. The company also had the same concern that’s why they created a convenient solution with the aim of making online security more accessible. This network security device Flter works seamlessly on all the devices in your home.

It comes with easy to use beautiful interface that allows the user to easily switch between connection modes or configure more advanced settings.

Meet Flter- The Filter of Your Internet
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Features of Flter:

● Provides VPN protection for secure and private online browsing.

● Unblocks region restricted content.

● Tor Network capability for anonymous internet access.

● Blocks malware, malicious ads, and dangerous websites.

● Works at the router level and is compatible with all devices and platforms.