Why male is our default gender?

Is Man the Measure of All Things?


A trio of Yale analysts have created hypotheses regarding why kids distinguish soft toys as male, medicinal research verifiably depends on male subjects, and office temperature is set to a man’s comfort level.

One possible reason is Androcentrism, a term that refers to the propensity to center society around men’s and men’s needs, priorities, and values and to relegate women to the periphery.

Androcentrism also positions men as the gender-neutral standard while marking women as gender-specific. Examples of androcentrism include the use of male terms (e.g., he), images, and research participants to represent everyone.

In a new study, scientists propose a social cognitive perspective, arguing that both social power and categorization processes are integral to understanding androcentrism. They thus presented and evaluated three possible pathways to androcentrism deriving from (a) men being more frequently instantiated than women, (b) masculinity being more “ideal” than femininity, and/or (c) masculinity being more common than femininity.

They discovered that males’ primary possession of power is one explanation, but has an ally in our own cognitive systems, which tend to make males our default gender.

Scientists have published their ideas in the journal Review of Personality and Social Psychology.

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