Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Closeness with fathers has a positive impact across kid’s adolescence

Father-child relations may play a special role in how kids weather adolescence.

Motivation depends upon the fluctuating rhythms of fatigue

The willingness to work is not static and depends upon the fluctuating rhythms of fatigue.

Rewarding can boost employees’ creativity, study

Enhancing employee creativity.

Leaders who encourage their employees to learn have more resilient teams

Uncovering the important role of leadership and employee voice in the resilience process.

Increased internet-access spending improves academic outcomes

A study of 9,000 Texas public schools.

The study explains the so-called Doorway Effect

It is not as pronounced as previously thought.

Deaths in the family can affect the educational attainment of children

Deaths in the family can shape kids' educational attainment in unexpected ways.

We produce happy and angry expressions more rapidly than sad expressions

Speed of expression offers vital visual cues.

Lunar cycles can affect our sleep, study

On nights before a full moon, people go to bed later and sleep less, study shows.

Attitude of Gratitude keeps older people helpful

Older people in Japan have an “attitude of gratitude” which keeps them feeling hopeful despite the challenges of aging.

Friends are more than just trusted confidantes, study

Friends are most valued in cultures where they may be needed most.

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