Joy for All: Lifelike Robotic Pups and Cats

Introducing a new best friend.


A giant toy company dubbed Hasbro has recently revealed their new Joy for all toy, especially for seniors. The toys are nothing but the Companion Pets that hopes to bring comfort, companionship, and fun to elder loved ones.

During the release day, the company also has donated $100,000 and JOY FOR ALL COMPANION PETS to local Meals on Wheels programs to aid overcome senior isolation.

This new product speaks to an augmentation of that convention, endeavoring to convey satisfaction and enjoyable to seniors and their families. In real, the toys are featured with all robotic companion that doesn’t require feeding, bathroom breaks, or outside walks. Unlike real pets, these robotics pets won’t chew up your slipper.

Joy for All: Lifelike Robotic Pups and Cats
Joy for All companion cat

They are equipped with built-in sensors and speakers so that the pets can recreate some of the more delightful moments of owning a dog including being a best friend for aging loved ones.

The more fascinating that you can feel their heartbeat with your loving touch.

According to an estimate, one in four seniors in America lives alone in isolation. And reports suggest, this number will likely to increase by 2050.

Ellie Hollander, President, and CEO of Meals on Wheels America said, “We’re incredibly grateful and proud to be working with Hasbro to address senior isolation in this special way. Just as Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver a daily dose of human connection, providing JOY FOR ALL COMPANION PETS is a high-touch way to help provide comfort and company to our nation’s most vulnerable seniors.”

With the help of equipped sensors and motion, allow them to really respond to being petted, held, and hugged. In addition, they include a set of four batteries but there is no information on how long those will last on the companion cat.

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